Face value


In less than a week, four different people have approached me at work saying that they know me from somewhere (plus two more on another week). That somewhere was in UP – both UP Diliman, where I had my undergrad and UP Los Banos, where I took up my masters degree.

Now, I’m not assuming I’m Ms. Popular because I’m not. But it made me realize (i) how bad I am with faces (and more so with names); and (ii) that there are really some people with “forgettable” faces – faces you just can’t seem to put in place. I assume that I am not one of those people based on recent events.

But as I said before, when people “know me from somewhere,” I used to always assume the worst. Now, I won’t be shackled into thinking of my past mistakes or of other people’s past judgment of me. If they say they know me from somewhere, then we probably bumped each other somewhere before. I just take it as face value. Makes life much more simpler.


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