Ain’t no Hermes


Was walking behind these two construction workers and instantly saw their two “handbags.” Being exposed to Hollywood’s version of construction workers wherein they have pretty tin can ‘lunch boxes,’ this sight gave me mixed feelings.

First was a bit of sadness that even though they were working their asses off, they still couldn’t afford a slightly better bag. But more than that, I felt amazed at how innovative and creative they were. They didn’t just make a simple bag – they made the cement bags into two different styled and designed bags!


Presenting, from the limited edition “Cement Bag” fashion line, construction worker A modeling a very stylish shoulder bag, with thin straps, a flap and a little knot for that no-fuss look. On construction worker B, we see a classic hand bag, which fits all of your needs without the hassle.

Kidding aside, sure it ain’t no Hermes but these two men (without them knowing) really inspired me and reminded me that sometimes, you just gotta make the best of the little things – even if that little thing is a worn out cement bag.


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  1. Construction workers are really innovative creators. My father was once a skilled worker, and he taught me how to measure the dimensions of a window without using a measuring instrument, and many others! This is a very inspiring post!

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