Closest to the matcha flavor


I know I’ve been mentioning how much I’ve been trying to find products that would taste as close as possible to the matcha in other Asian countries, such as this Matcha flavored drink, but to no avail. Until a ‘food and health fair’ at our office introduced me to Wheatgrass.


I’ve always been curious about this health drink but I’ve never really brought myself to trying it out – maybe I was freaked out by the word ‘grass.’ So it was good timing that looking around the fair, one of the participants asked me if I’d like to have a blood test. Not having anything better to do at the moment, me and my friend agreed. After finding out my blood results and explaining my situation, she segued into saying that wheatgrass helps in detoxifying the body. Again, I’ve always been interested in doing detox, but have you seen those treatments? Both super expensive and something I don’t think I can commit to (eg. drinking juice–priced at a thousand pesos–the whole day as a replacement for food).

There was also a free sample at the stall and I was surprised that it was pretty good – slightly sweet and tasted so much like matcha! Jackpot! I found out that the one I tasted was their other variant which has honey in it. Talk about healthy and yummy.

What makes the Wheatgrass detox nice is that aside from drinking it for just two weeks (if you want a simple detox), you can drink it along with your normal meals. You can drink it even more than once a day. But since it was quite expensive, I decided to try it for three days first then have my blood tested again with them. I bought the sachets (P39 each) and drank it after lunch, with cold water (they don’t recommend drinking it with hot water since it kills the live enzymes or something like that). One sachet is good for one tall glass, at least for me. It’s quite sweet so just adjust according to your taste.

I think this is a good alternative if you’re looking for a “juice drink” since it’s healthy. Personally, I probably won’t be buying anymore match flavored sachets from now on and would soon start a 2-week Wheatgrass detox.


What are your thoughts?

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