All the good stuff


My foot tattoo simply signifies all the things I want in life – peace, love and hope. Can you see all the elements? I actually instructed Sarah to make it abstract so it’s ok if you don’t see the designs. Haha! My tattoo has a wing (peace), heart (love) and a budding tree (hope). I know the two elements are not the most common or most direct ways of signifying peace and hope but for me, this is what holds true. I also requested for Sarah not to draw a hard circle as an outline, that’s why the elements are just angled to form a circle.


I chose red because I actually wanted it to signify fire, though not in the strictest sense that my tat looks like a fire. The fire actually represents a burning desire for God. I know that might be confusing or silly for some, especially the conservative Christians since most condemn tattoos, but still for me, I wanted it to serve as a reminder that with all the disappointments, hurts, hardships and sorrows in life, I should still try to keep that fire burning.

As I said before, my tattoos are basically for me and for my eyes. If someone else appreciates it, that’s cool. If they don’t, that’s fine too. I don’t do it for other people. So if my tattoo doesn’t seem to make sense to some, it wouldn’t matter because it means the world to me, in a way that only I know of.


What are your thoughts?

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