2013 Highlights


All these things would not be possible without God who has seen me through the struggles and blessed me so, so much for one whole year. I know there are hundreds of things to give thanks for but I narrowed it down to this 🙂

1. Traveling all around Europe
2. Buying my very first LV
3. Graduating from my MS DevCom degree
4. Being given the opportunity to work for an International Organization (which helps alleviate poverty) even with limited experience & knowledge
5. Finally breaking free from my past guilts and insecurities
6. Finding peace in being alone & in the knowledge that God’s best is still out there (fine, the guy in the photo is a Vatican Swiss guard pero kunwari lang yan!)
7. Being part of a Bible study group & of a spiritual family again
8. Eating 3 meals in 3 different countries in 1 day
9. Having a wonderfully quirky family & friends


We may have bad days or even weeks but never a bad year. We must always remember to look at the whole picture – how He always protects us and provides for us, among other things, and how He uses both the good and bad times to transform us.

2013 was awesome, my favorite year thus far. But I claim & expect by faith that 2014 will be much more awesomer! To God be the glory! Oh, and Happy New Year! 🙂


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