My first ever prayer & fasting week is done! Let me tell you, for someone who loves to eat as much as I do, this was no easy task. But thanks to God’s grace, a week of knowing Him more has passed.

The whole week of prayer meetings was awesome! Even though I was already in the “foyer” aka hallway ng mall because of an overflow of people during the last night & even though there were a lot of distractions, it was still Spirit-filled! I’m thankful to the stranger who prayed for me exactly the prayer I needed. Galing! Plus, it’s amazing how the people outside were still able to sing praises & worship even without the lyrics flashing! (Kakatuwa na immediately after the fasting break, naglabasan bigla ang mga crackers & even chicharon!)

But, it does not end here. If anything, the week has taught me & reconfirmed 3 things:

1. I will expect more from God this year.
2. I will pray BIG prayers!
3. I desire limitless trust & faith in God.

My 2014 may have started with bumps (already!) but I trust God to fulfill His plans for me which are far greater than my own.

Note to self: do not wear non-waterproof mascara if attending prayer meetings; crying will most likely take place (unless you’re going for raccoon eyes)

*Photo taken in Rome, Italy


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