The magic of mascara


Kikay alert!

When reading beauty articles, a lot of beauty experts would say they won’t leave the house without mascara on. Or one of their must-have beauty products is the mascara. I didn’t understand that before until I regularly used mascaras. Look at the difference below. First photo: left lash has mascara while the right one has none. Second photo: both lashes have mascara on.


Aside from giving temporary length and volume for lashes, I also realized that my lashes have become longer, at least in my opinion. Unfortunately, I have no decent photos to share as proof. Haha! I just use regular mascara (usually from Mac, Maybelline or Face Shop) and not exactly the lengthening types. But I’m definitely sure that mascaras really do wonders for lashes.


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  1. Hmm.. Had stopped putting make up and blush on recently before work and its a big mistake. So today, ill shop for a new mascara and blush on 🙂 a

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