A sunrise just for me


One particular early morning, I was riding the city train going to my place. It was still dark, cold and gloomy. I wasn’t particularly sad at the time but I was musing about life. I was looking around the train and saw that most of the passengers were sleeping. When I looked up and out the window, I had a glimpse of the sunrise– bright orange with tinges of yellow and gold, enveloped in violet and blue clouds. The sky and the sun was gorgeous.

I knew then and there, that that sunrise was just for me — that God made that sunrise so I would see. Just because. He didn’t need a reason. He just wanted to make me smile. I took some time to thank Him for the sunrise and even for the safe commute home. When I opened my eyes, He surprised me once again. This time, He showed more of the gold and orange sunrise and more of His glory.

I couldn’t help but stare. I couldn’t even take out my phone and snap a photo. All I could do was smile– a smile that I shared with God over our amazing little secret.


What are your thoughts?

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