Korean visa for Philippine passport


I know there are a lot of articles and blog posts on the subject of Pinoys applying for a Korean visa. But in my case, I have two distinct “situations” which some of you might relate to:

1. I do not have an ITR.
2. I have already travelled to OECD countries.

Now good news for those who share the same situations since frequent travelers and/or those who have visited OECD member countries need no ITR. So that worked fine for me. Remember, no fees were paid. All I needed were the following:

Certificate of employment
Statement of bank account
Recent Passport size ID
Photocopy of passport’s first page & all the stamps/visas to OECD member countries
Filled-up application form

When you get to the embassy, you’ll be given a number, show your documents & you’ll be assigned a window. Frequent travelers & those who’ve gone to OECD countries are assigned to Window 3. My friend who is a first time traveler was assigned to Window 1 (can also be assigned to Window 2).

When it was my turn, the immigration officer just checked my documents & gave me the release slip. I was sitting on the counter for 30 seconds or less. The woman was pretty nice & didn’t ask any questions. I was actually the one who asked if someone else could claim my visa (yes) & whether I needed an authorization slip (no). My friend wasn’t so lucky with the immigration officer, whom she said was a bit on the grumpy side. Plus, they forgot to fill up the last part of the application form (questions on accompanying family members & korean guarantor – both of which I wrote NA) so they had to go back & get a new number. So be sure to fill up all the numbers.


Since we applied in the middle of the Christmas, we got our passports back in early January 2014. My friend just brought my release slip & she picked up my passport for me. And yes, it was approved! Love how it was so easy to apply! For more information, visit their website. Korea stories soon! 🙂


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  1. hi, stumbled upon your blog. you see, i just got back to the philippines about 4.5 months ago(was a US immigrant) and i’ve been working online for a foreign company that is not taxed/not registered in the philippines for 5 yrs already, thus me having no ITR. do you think i’ll be granted a korean visa? i’m a bit worried because i’ve no ITR and my work is so flexible that i can work anywhere as long as i have my laptop. thanks

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