Vacationista: Korean Cosmetics mini-haul and other loot


I have never been a Korean cosmetics fan since I tend to lean towards Western brands like Covergirl and Mac as they have more colors suitable for my dark skin tone. Plus, Korean models look so standard (read: they all look the same) that their cosmetics just didn’t interest me. But my sister introduced me to it when she gave me Face Shop’s mascara and eyebrow pencil which were both superb! So before our Korean trip, I would visit the mall and all the Korean cosmetic stores in order to find out the products I liked and how much they cost so that when I go to Korea (which literally has make-up stores everywhere), I would be able to compare prices and easily identify which ones I want.

For those who are planning on going to Korea, I’ll share the stuff I bought and their won prices so you’d know what to expect. Also, in the photos of the cosmetics, the ones in the left are the freebies which are mostly skin care samples. I was kinda disappointed with the little samples I got though in fairness to other bloggers (who shared that they had tons of freebies), I didn’t exactly buy a lot. But still. My theory is that because we went there on a holiday (Chinese New Year), they anticipated a lot of tourists so they skimped on the freebies. Oh well. It’s still a good shopping mini-haul anyway. Take note that prices are for each item.


From The Face Shop:

As I mentioned, Face Shop is a great brand for mascaras and brow pencils so that’s what I bought.

Mascara 6,900 won
Eyebrow pencil 4,000 won
Eyelash curler 4,600 won (tried this in Manila and it doesn’t hurt the lids!)
Nail Polish Remover (rose) 1,500 won (this smells so divine!!)

From Etude House:

I also discovered really nice items in Etude House Manila so I planned on buying their awesome lip liner that matches my skin tone (I mean, who knew?) and make-up remover, which smelled great.

Lip liners 2,100 won
Make-up remover 4,000 won
Eye shadow stick 4,000 won

From Tony Moly:

We found this awesome deal of 1+2 face masks which meant buy 10 packs and get 20 packs free. I know, how crazy is that. So me and my friends just split the pack since personally I’m not a face mask kind of gal (photo below).

Red Ginseng Face Mask 10,000 won for a pack of 30

From Nature Republic:

When I went to Nature Republic in Manila, I found the prices way too overpriced so I didn’t even plan on buying anything from there. But when we went there, they were on sale and I found the lip rouges so nice.

Lip Rouges 4,000 won
Bottle pump 3,100 won (Note: you’re probably thinking why I would buy such a thing in a foreign country. Well, because me and my sis have wanted one but couldn’t find one in Manila so I just bought the one from Korea. hehe)


From Laneige:

Thanks to Sample room, I was able to try Laniege’s Water Sleeping Pack and fell in love! The sleeping pack was really awesome and left my skin soft and supple. I loved its consistency and it smelled so good and relaxing so I definitely planned on buying one in Korea. Though I know it would still be expensive there, it would be cheaper than the P1,200 price tag here. I knew if I could only buy one thing from Korea, it would be Laniege’s sleeping pack. And the beauty goddesses were on our side because it was 40% off! So I bought two (approx. P800). Since it was on sale, no freebies for this.

Laneige Water Sleeping Pack (80ml) 20,000 won

I also bought a Green Tea Facial Foam from Daiso for 2,000 won. It’s fun that in Daiso, they’re base price is 1,000 won (approx. P40) when in Manila, it’s P88 and above.

For the non-cosmetics, I bought some random green tea chocolate (3,000 won) since I love green tea and a variety of chocolate (6,000 won) which has flavors like seaweed, red pepper paste, rice wine and chestnut. Sounded interesting so I bought two. I also tried their Banana Milk drink (1,300 won) from 7-11 which bloggers say is a must-taste. Well, it tastes exactly like its name – banana and milk. Also bought MarketO Real brownie, another blogger recommendation, for 2,100 won at Watsons.



My fave buy is my brown winter boots (9,900 won) because they were super comfy during our walks and it kept my feet warm! It’s not water proof but I love it! It’s amazing that it fit my budget of less than P500.


Overall, cosmetics and Korean beauty products there are cheaper than in Manila. At the very least, P10 cheaper for the small items. I didn’t go gaga hoarding for cosmetics since (i) they have expiration dates so I can’t possibly use all of my current and new stuff in approximately a year’s time (which is why I don’t get those who hoard cosmetics); and (ii) will be going to Japan in July so I’ll just replenish my beauty stock with Japanese cosmetics then!


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