Hokkaido Ramen Santouka


We were craving for some kind of soup or ramen for dinner so when we searched for ramen in Glorietta, Hokkaido Ramen Santouka was the one that appeared first and the most times in the search feed. Located right across SM Makati, it seemed that Santouka was a right choice. There was quite a waiting line. We probably had to wait for 30 minutes in which we spent walking around the mall. The place itself is quite tiny for a restaurant but looks very modern with its dark interior and hints of Japanese decor. When you go inside, the servers shout something in Japanese. I’m assuming that’s their welcome.


Before being seated, we already chose what we wanted to order. Ramen starts from about P300 and set meals from P400. My sis and I decided with the set meal because it was more sulit and perfect for sharing. We ordered their pork tonkatsu set with spicy ramen (P500) which we had upgraded to large (add P100) since we were sharing. My mom and aunt ordered individual sets of Salmon (P500) and Fish and shrimps (P450) with regular sized ramen. Each set consists of a creamy egg, some veggie salad with mayo, some kimchi, unlimited Japanese rice and house tea, along with the ramen and your choice of protein. You will also choose your ramen flavor. Can’t remember all 5 but aunt had the salt flavor (the most basic) and we chose their spicy one (best seller).


I like their ramen and all of the tonkatsu. The ramen is very flavorful and has the right amount of spicy kick to it. For the tonkastu sauce, you have to grind the spices with a pestle, just like in Yabu. All of their protein were very flavorful. The salmon was pretty tasty too. The noodles are quite filling so sharing one large set is enough for two to three people since me and my sis didn’t even finish that one large bowl! Mom and my aunt too weren’t able to finish their small ramen so we had plenty of take out.


For dessert, we ordered their cold matcha cake roll with beans served with iced green tea (P250) which was disappointing for a matcha-lover like me since I could hardly taste the matcha. It was just like a regular pandan cake roll. Nothing special with the green tea as well. Too bad.

But for the ramen and tonkatsu, I recommend this place though just be prepared to shell out a little more and prepare to wait before being seated, especially during meal time. The place is quite small but I assure you that the meals are big and good.

PS. So excited to taste real, authentic Japanese ramen when we go there this July. 🙂


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