Cupcakes by Sonja


Because we were disappointed with our dessert at Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, we needed to satisfy our sweet tooth with cupcakes. And where else to have great cupcakes but at the new branch of Sonjas in the new wing of Glorietta. I remember the first time I ate Sonjas cupcakes from The Fort, their original store. It was pure heaven. It was like the best ever cupcake I’ve ever had. And since we haven’t eaten one in years, like literally in 3 years, we were practically salivating thinking about the moist cake and fluffy icing in our mouth.

I ordered their Vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting (P70) while sis ordered their Coco Loco (P80). We were skipping like little children, excited to taste a little bit of heaven. And when we had a bite… we were disappointed! It was not as we imagined it would be. The frosting was great but the cake itself was a bit on the dry side. Tolerable, sure, but not the best-cupcake-ever level.


Where was the cupcake that tasted oh soooo good? Could this be an effect of their branching out? Maybe it’s better to eat at their original branch? Or maybe their cupcakes lost their flavor because of their expansion? Whatever the case may be, we were sad that it wasn’t as good as we hoped and imagined it to be. Maybe next time would be different though we probably won’t look forward to it as much.

Update: I just found out that Sonjas opened a branch in Robinson’s Galleria (1st level near Auntie Anne’s). I tasted them again and I was not proven wrong. Sad.


What are your thoughts?

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