Me and one group of friends of mine have this monthly thing where we just meet-up, have dinner followed with coffee, then fill in with conversations, catching up and laughter. This month, we decided to explore the new wing of Shangrila which brought us to a European cuisine restaurant called Spatzle. We have no idea what kind of food to expect but my friend liked the mason jars and so, that was the deciding factor. Haha!

Spätzle is some kind of pasta, which in reality is just like some kind of pasta. Haha. Think macaroni but heavier. Most of their meals revolve around this special pasta. They also have a lot of sausages, of course.


First off, interior is really nice and cozy. Lots of wood and intricate details like embroidered wall papers, wooden decals and exquisite floor work. Perfect for a nice get together. Price range is from P200 to P400 per meal. I ordered their roast chicken with gravy on top of spazle (P319) (center photo) and their peach breezer which is just orange juice with peach extract (P105). Two of my friends ordered their pastas: the red tomato based with string cheese pasta (P220) (right photo) and carbonara (left photo). Another friend ordered their roesti, think potato pancake, which is another of their specialty.


Frankly, I found nothing special with the taste. Sure, the chicken was boneless and was wrapped around some ground beef but nothing spectacular. Even their spatzle tasted so-so. The Peach Breezer was too sweet for me too and not exactly something I’d order again. My friends also found their meals just average. Bottomline, you don’t get what you paid for. I am curious with their poutine (P220) though since I loved the ones I tasted in Canada. Poutine is potato fries with gravy, meat and cheese on top. So I might come back to Spatzle just for a quick snack.


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  1. Aww! The presentation looks nice, though, especially that macaroni. The Peach Breezer sounds overpriced. My recent discovery is The Cookbook Kitchen.. their “Parmesan-Crusted White Fish” is to die for. 😀

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