Best Belgian Waffle in town


Wanna know the best belgian waffle in Manila for an affordable price? Why, Famous Belgian Waffles of course. Haha! It’s not as close as those we ate in Belgium but it’s pretty darn good for the price. Ranging from P35-P65, my personal favorite is the Banana Hazelnut (P55) because the bananas serve as an equalizer to the sweet hazelnut and soft waffle. It’s also an excuse that I’m eating fruit. Haha! I also always ask to have it extra toasted for that yummy crispy outer layers.


This time though they didn’t have any bananas so I was forced to order another flavor. I decided to try their Chocolate Peanut Butter (P45) which, as expected, was too sweet so I was only able to eat half, but still pretty good. They have a lot of branches like in SM Megamall or SM Makati. I’m pretty sure most SM malls have this in their Food Courts.


I highly recommend this simple kiosk if you’re craving for waffles– whether for breakfast or as a dessert. Cheap and tasty and perfect to eat on-the-go!


What are your thoughts?

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