Cafe Ella



A quaint little cafe in the middle of Grove street near UPLB, Laguna beckoned me to go in and try their coffee and pastries. First off, their interior is quite lovely, dominated by dark wood giving it a rustic yet surprisingly homey feeling. I love how their ceiling is high which gives it a refreshing ambiance. Plus, all the seats and tables are wood. Plenty of room for big groups of people. The place is filled with cute pop art memorabilia and the walls are plastered with vintage designs. Their ‘condiments’ bar even has a red vintage toaster. I even like their restroom and wash area as it is also detailed with wooden decor. The coffee bar is also well designed and the servers were nice enough.


But that’s where all my praise ends. Unfortunately, their coffee sucked. Big time. It was awful. And I don’t usually use harsh words if I don’t mean it. It was cheap, about P60 for a big cup but it literally tasted like watered down brewed coffee. And their brewed coffee tasted like they used old, low quality beans. As a coffee lover, those are big words but it’s true. No wonder I never see the cafe full with people, even though it’s near the university, prices are affordable and the place is nice. They do have a wide variety of pastries and so we ordered their chocolate cake. It was just ok, not exceptional and not something I would order again.


I guess it all boils down to getting what you pay for but still, I gotta say, Dunkin Donuts and Mcdonald’s P25 brewed coffee is 100x better than Cafe Ella’s.


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      • Sayang no. Maganda pa naman ang ambiance. May ganito akong experience sa isang coffee shop noon. Pinatawag ko ang manager. Pinatikim sa kanya ang kapeng parang banlaw na lang ng pinaghugasan ng mga tasang pinaglagyan ng kape ng ibang costumer. Hindi worth P150. Magalang naman ang pagkakasabi ko. At tinuruan kung paano magquality control pagdating sa kape. coffee shop pa naman sila.Pero mukhang after ko, dinamihan nila ang ratio ng bean sa tubig. Pero di na ako bumalik.

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