Vacationista: Ariel’s Point for Cliff Diving


The night before our planned trip to the cliff diving spot, we went to Ariel’s Hotel to book the trip. Fee is P2,000 for each person (they just increased last March) but during booking, you just have to pay 10% deposit. Meeting time is 11am at Ariel’s Beach Bar Station. There were about 50 guests at the meeting place, mostly foreigners. After a quick orientation, off we went to this boat taking us to Ariel’s Point, which took approximately 30 minutes. Take note: you’ll have to walk through the water towards the boat so half of your body – depending on the depth of water and your height – will get wet. Better to wrap your valuables or bag in waterproof containers. Or do what I did and use your charms so that the boat man will carry your bags for you. The boat is larger than the usual ones, which they even call the VIP boat, has an upper deck and a mini bar in the lower deck. The moment we sat down, drinks were already being served.


For the P2,000 fee, you get a lunch buffet, unlimited drinks (beer, coke rum, soda and water) starting on the boat ride, merienda, use of snorkeling gear and kayak (where of course you can snorkel and go kayaking) and jump off points in the cliff. Most of the guests were foreigners, which is always fun. Some of them, once we got to the cliff, just left their bags and already started jumping off! Haha! We, on the other hand, looked for our spot since the cliff has a lot of nice nooks you can hang out at. Anyway, you’ll be staying at Ariel’s Point from 11:30am to 4pm. During those times, it’s up to you what you would like to do – cliff dive, snorkel, kayak, or just chill.

Before lunch, me and my friend took all of our courage and jumped off the 5 meter cliff! It’s scary and fun at the same time but it’s something I know I have to do. When I jumped, I screamed and the first thing I felt once I hit the water was the pain in my butt because of the impact in the water! Same with my friend. It would eventually go away but the impact really caused some (tolerable) pain. Some say they even had marks and scars as if they were hazed but in those cases, I think they had a really bad water landing. Excuse the unglamorous poses of me jumping off the cliff. Hehe. The guests, Pinoy and foreigners alike, would cheer you on which would either be an encouragement or unneeded pressure on your part. Haha! I love the group we were in because everyone was friendly. We’d chit chat with different groups and just have fun. Everybody was a friend at Ariel’s Point. Plus, the staff are super duper nice! As in. No complaints there.


The buffet lunch was served which consisted of grilled chicken, pork and tuna, ensaladang eggplant, longganisa (Filipino sausage), pansit (Chinese noodles), rice and fresh fruits like watermelon and pineapple. I think there was more but I forgot the others. After lunch, we decided to go snorkeling and kayaking. If you snorkel, you’ll see a lot of fish including the clown fish and some starfish. It was my first time to kayak and boy, it was quite challenging to turn around especially. Me and my friend just paddled for a few minutes then we found out we were far out sea! We had to figure out ourselves how to turn the kayak around. Two of our friends even went overboard! But that’s all part of the fun, eh? With all the activities, you’ll definitely get hungry so good thing snack was kamote que (caramelized sweet potatoes). Before we knew it, it was already 4pm! How time flies when you’re having fun. By 4pm, they blew a whistle and everybody went back to the boat. Drinks were still being served. Going back, the waves were stronger so everyone on the lower deck, including us, got drenched! So my tip is don’t change into clean, dry clothes just yet since you might encounter some splash on the way back to the island. It’s funny how my coke rum would be filled up by salt water, making it limitless and salty. Haha! By 4:45, we were back in Boracay Island.


I recommend those with an adventurous streak to try Ariel’s Point at least once in their life. But even if you don’t jump off the cliff, you’d still get your money’s worth with the food, drinks, other activities and the experience of chilling at a cliff and meeting other people.


What are your thoughts?

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