Human Nature Clarifying Shampoo


Kikay alert!

I use hair products all the time because of my permed hair. I read in some of my fave beauty bloggers that a clarifying shampoo should be used at least once a week especially for those who put gunk on their hair. So that would be me.

There are only two clarifying shampoos that I know of – Human Nature & Celeteque. So I decided to try the one from Human Nature. Bought it at Rustan’s (about P230-ish). And I have to say, it really made a difference! My hair became soft and super clean. I do get why they say it should be used just once a week since it really cleans your hair that might borderline being too drying.


The only downside? It cleaned my hair so much that my curls were temporarily gone! Haha! Something like making my hair straight and soft again. I was able though to “bring back” the curls by using more curling products (but it’s not as curly as before which is fine since I need to get a perm again). But I still use the clarifying shampoo once a week since it makes my hair healthy.


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  1. Yeah, human nature products are all good. U used to be a dealer with their products when i was in the philippines. Just a hubby when i was their. And its all organic. Kudos for that kuya! Welcome to the world of 100% natural and chemical free! Hahaha

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