Vacationista: Boracay Island 2014


A week before the country ‘celebrates’ one of my most despised holidays because of traffic aka Holy Week, me and my friends went to the island of Boracay for some fun under the sun (corny!). Since I am a beach lover and even though it would be my 4th time going there, I was looking forward to our barkada trip. We booked at the MNL Backpacker’s Inn (blog post here) because it’s affordable, looks nice, has good reviews and simply because I was with my friends who also love the backpacking experience.


Day 1 (Wed): Arrival at the island, check in at MNL and dinner at D’ Talipapa consisting of fresh seafood! At D’Talipapa, you buy your own ingredients at the wet market then choose a resto to cook the food for you. We opted for buttered shrimp, halaan (soup with small clams), and grilled pork and squid. The shrimp was sooo delicious! Highly recommended. For our group of 7, we shelled out about P270 each plus P60 fresh fruit shake.


We then went to Ariel’s Hotel to book our cliff diving trip the next day. Mode of transportation on the island is either walking or trike (P10 each for regular or P60 for special ride).

Day 2 (Thurs): Breakfast and yoga at the backpacker’s! They were offering a free yoga class at 8am for an hour so we decided to try it out mainly because one of my friends actually does yoga. In a nutshell, it’s hard. Haha! Most of this day was spent in Ariel’s Point (blog post here). When we got back to Boracay Island, we only had time to freshen up then off to dinner. My friends were craving for Indian food so we had some at True Indian, which I highly recommend. For 3 of us, we bought chicken masala, Sri Lankan curry and three naan (about P400 each). It was too dark as we ate al fresco so no photos but the food was really good! A little walking around, some gelato along the beach (P100 for 2 scoops) then the second day was over (already?!).

Day 3 (Fri): Today was our chill day so my friends took advantage of it and woke up late. I usually wake up before 6am for my quiet time at the roof deck. Had breakfast then I brought them to the Mango Outlet, which opens at 11am. Lunch was at Burger Club (I think that’s the name), this burger place in D’Mall, which I also highly recommend. For P275, I got the Burgerella, which is 1/3 pound beef burger with mozzarella, lettuce and tomato plus your choice of toppings (mine was caramelized onions which I found too sweet for my taste buds), lemonade (P40) then me and my friend shared the basket of fries (P75).


The afternoon was spent lounging at this Station 1 resort (sorry forgot the name) where you just buy a drink and get to use their lounge beds. I treated myself with a whole body massage (P350) from one of the manangs there. Some of my friends went shopping at D’Talipapa, which I think has the cheapest products. Afterwards, swimming at the beach, even though there were some icky algae along the shoreline that you have to pass through going to the middle of the ocean. Was supposed to get a quick bite of calamansi muffin at Real Coffee but they relocated to Station 2 beach front so we just went directly home. After freshening up, had dinner at D’Talipapa again with the same menu (because it was sooo good and sulit!) except we had baked cheesy tahong (sooo good!) and grilled chicken instead of the grilled pork and squid. Afterwards, we were able to catch Happy Hour at Epic bar so we had a few drinks – beer, mojitos, pina colada and sangria. Both dinner and drinks were on my friend who celebrated her birthday (happy birthday chi!).

Day 4 (Sat): Going home already! We didn’t want to travel with most of the crowd who would go home on a Sunday so by Saturday morning, we were on our way back to Manila. I have to say, a lot of people were already going towards Boracay who I assume are the Holy Week vacationers. You definitely would not want to be in Boracay during Holy Week. One word: sardines! Get it? If you didn’t, it just means that there would be so many people in the island that you would have to cramp yourselves in it like a bunch of slimy sardines. Ick.

I’ll never get tired of going to Boracay or any other beach for that matter. I actually have some sort of separation anxiety from this vacay, which is very unusual for me. In a blink of an eye, my summer trip is now over. How about you? What’s your summer kwento? =)

Total expenditure (including airfare, accommodation, food and meals, boat rides, fees and activities): about P9,000


What are your thoughts?

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