MNL Backpacker’s Inn in Boracay


Whenever I would travel with friends, we usually opt for
backpacker’s inns since they are affordable and you get to meet
other young and fun travelers! For our trip to Boracay,MNL
Backpacker’s Inn caught my eye as I was surfing the net.
It’s locatedin Bulabog beach, which is basically right behind
D’Mall. If you love to walk like me, this is for you. Of course, if
you would rather have a beachfront, then try another hotel. For 3
nights, I only paid P2,100 which includes breakfast and use of
towels.They also have wifi and a TV and a mini library at the
common area. Not bad, eh?

20140418-093440.jpg Anyway, the interior was so nice and artsy fartsy,
with lots of drawings, paintings and art along the corridors, in
our rooms, in different corners and even in the restrooms. Luckily,
we had the whole room of 6 beds for ourselves, located at the 3rd
floor. We were only 5 in the air-conditioned room since some of my
friends backed out at the last minute while the other 2 booked in
another hotel. The beds and pillow were clean, big, nice and comfy.
Double decked, each “bed pod” has its own light and a socket for
charging. They also provided free use of towels and beach towels.
The room also has a fan, windows and hooks for your towels and
clothes. The comfort room is of course communal for both men and
women. Sinks are in the middle. They also provide one blow dryer.
Shower has a heater, toilet rooms have toilet paper (duh!) and own
sink, and everything is acceptably clean. If you want the private
rooms, you’ll have a private comfort room.

20140418-093523.jpg The pantry is located at the 4th floor where the
free continental breakfast is served. That would mean brewed
coffee, juice, toast bread, boiled egg, banana and fruit cocktail
and your choice of various marmalade, butter and peanut butter.
Remember to clean as you go which means you have to wash your own
plate, cup and utensils. A water dispenser is also readily
available for guests. Tip: refill your
water bottles and bring them along when you go out because
restaurants in Boracay charge insanely for water. A 500ml bottled
water can go from P50-100, which is why buying fruit shakes is the
lesser evil. Anyway, my favorite artwork is the one near the
pantry, which is this huge,
gorgeous, blue colored woman
. Love it. They also have a
roof deck, where couches are set up. This is where I usually start
my day at 6am for my quiet time as well as to watch the
sunrise. At night, it transforms to a party place for the
foreigners. Haha! They also provide a corner where you can hang
your wet clothes (where you will also meet a painting of Manong Bob

20140418-093511.jpg All in all, I would definitely book again at MNL
Backpacker’s Inn. It’s just the right amount of privacy and
mingling with the guests. It has everything you need (plus more) at
such an affordable price. The place is pretty, location ain’t bad
and staff are super nice too. Of course, don’t expect that it would
always be quiet at the place since you’ll be co-living with other
guests. But that’s also the fun part of it since you get to meet
other people from other cultures. Generally speaking, MNL
backpacker’s Inn is a great place to stay in especially with your


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