Cathay Pacific Manila office


When I went to the PRC for work, our travel agency booked us at Cathay Pacific. I always thought that Cathay was a nice airline. It was, actually, at least since I was flying business class. I had no problem going to PRC via Hong Kong from Manila. Got my luggage at the end of the trip.

However, it’s a slightly different story when I got back to Manila – my luggage got lost! Typical NAIA Terminal 1. Chos! I had to wait for another hour and a half for it. And where did the Pinoy Cathay crew tell me to wait? Either at the lobby (which by the way was NOT a waiting area and therefore, had no seats) or at their office at the 4th floor NAIA Terminal 1 (which is a really sucky and pathetic airport but you already know that so I’ll stick to the topic).

At the Cathay office, I simply walked in and sat down due to sheer exhaustion. No one even greeted me. Finally, this girl noticed me and asked what my business was – all the while chewing her Mcdonalds french fry. How classy. Plus, I had to repeat what I said as they were not listening.

But that’s not the highlight of their office. The highlight is the office itself – water stained roof, ink stained couches and “comfortable” monoblocs. The office wasn’t even properly air conditioned! The saddest part of all? The dying plant right beside me.


Oh, Philippines! How and when will we ever improve? Are we really truly content to be just a mediocre, standard society? That might be overly dramatic but as they say, an airport is a reflection and the first impression of the country you are visiting.


What are your thoughts?

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