Review: Sheraton Fuzhou Hotel


My work brought me to Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China. I know what you’re thinking. Where in the world is that? I thought the same thing. Anyway, we were booked at the Sheraton Fuzhou Hotel and I was quite surprised at how big and over-the-top the hotel was. It was huge and very pretty but sadly, very isolated. There was nothing to see around. We were literally surrounded by muddy water. No shops or cafes around the area. But I did have a pretty nice view of the mountain from my hotel room so that’s my silver lining.


As you can see in the photos, the hotel room is pretty and spacious. I had the deluxe king sized bed, with an office table, TV with cable (few channels though) and a big ass restroom with two sinks, a huge tub and a separate toilet and shower area. For five days, I woke up in that room with that scenery. It was pretty nice. And well it should as it cost me roughly US$200 a night! And that’s the cheapest rate, mind you.


Their restaurant is really nice too. It had large windows, tons of seats and a pretty view of the outdoor pool and fountain. As with most hotels, it had an international buffet.



The only downside is not all of their staff know how to speak fluent English. Wait, scratch that. Not all of their staff know how to speak simple English! Even those at the front desk. I felt pretty lucky to even meet a few staff who would be able to form a coherent, perfectly structured sentence in English.

All in all, the Sheraton Hotel in Fuzhou is absolutely perfect for conventions, meetings, seminars and other work related activities. But for tourists? Not so much. Downtown, tourist spots (the few that are there) and the city are miles away so it might not be too ideal for vacationers.


What are your thoughts?

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