Little Sight seeing at Fuzhou


The few free hours I had at Fuzhou brought me to this simple museum of their hero and national official, Lin. I know. It’s obvious I didn’t pay attention at the museum that I can’t even mention the man’s whole name. It’s at this place they call Three Lanes and Seven Alleys, which is a huge ‘plaza’ with stores and old houses at the back which dates a hundred years! Went inside these old houses and did a mini tour.



Too bad though I wasn’t able to go in the local stores. The few I found interesting were their local versions of Starbucks, Mcdonalds and Watsons – all with Chinese characters. Would have loved to shop at Watsons. I also saw a Happy lemon shop.

I’m currently racking my brain for what else I can share but I have nothing. Haha! That’s pretty much it…


What are your thoughts?

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