Vacationista: Where to stay in Nagoya, Japan (Day 1)


Was finally able to visit the beautiful country of Japan! It was roughly a 5-hour flight from Manila to Nagoya and since we took the afternoon trip, we got to Japan International Airport in the early evening. Getting off the plane, we were immediately greeted with a warm welcome from the Japanese airport staff and all I could say was, “I know I’m going to like it here!” The Japanese are known to be very polite and courteous and from what I saw during our 6-day stay, it’s true. There were instances when we would ask them for help and they would willingly and patiently answer all our questions and even go out of their way to help us out. One Japanese man even stopped and asked if we needed help when he saw us trying to figure out the map. Every time we would buy something at the store or leave a restaurant, a warm “arigato gozaimasu” would be spoken. Such a wonderful culture and people!


From the airport, we took their super nice, first class train going to the main city (Y1270, one way). You may also opt for the regular train ticket which is about Y300 cheaper. Make sure that you check your ticket for the car number and the seat numbers so you won’t ride and sit on the wrong train car! It was night when we arrived so there wasn’t much of a view. I like how the seats of their train rotate 360 degrees after the ride since it just goes back and forth the airport.



We booked at the New Wing Hotel at Marunouchi, a minute away from the main subway station. I actually like this tiny hotel because though the room was small (good enough for two adults), it had everything we needed – a comfy bed, clean sheets and pillows, enough space for luggage and your own toilet complete with a bathtub. Most Japanese toilet seats can actually be warmed which was a pleasant surprise. Hehe. Body wash, shampoo and conditioner in big containers were left near the bathtub. Plus, they offered free stuff like facial wash, face moisturizer, body lotion, leg gel, bath salts, whipping net, green tea, chocolate powder etc. located at the main lobby, exclusive for girls. There were also vending machines per floor (drinks were usually Y130). Microwaves and ice machines were available in the lower floors. Since we were four in the group, we booked two rooms. Each paid about Y6000 for 5 nights. Not bad if you’re looking for an affordable but nice place to stay in Nagoya, which is also a corner away from the subway station and convenience stores (711, K Mart and Family Mart).



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