Vacationista: Nagoya, Japan (Day 4: Osu Shopping District and Sakae)


What’s a trip abroad without shopping! Back in Nagoya, the Osu district is one of the known shopping places and hang out areas. Which seemed true since we went there on a Sunday, and boy was it packed with foreigners and locals alike! It’s easy to find too since you just get off of Osu station and after a few minutes of walking, you’ll find the district. Before reaching the shopping area itself, we passed by a temple and even saw a nice work of art on the side of a building.


We walked around and found Seria, a Y100 store (better than the Y300 store!) which has really good stuff of exceptional quality and a cute, special place called Alice on Wednesdays. Complete with a small door where you have to bend to get through, the place sells cute accessories and mini delicacies, all in the theme of Alice in Wonderland. Walking further, there were tons of small and diverse shops and even the famous Komehyo, where we were able to buy three vintage Louis Vuitton bags, one Coach bag and a Seiko watch. Not bad indeed. I was also able to buy my favorite make-up remover, Bifesta, which came in the refill pouch (Y650) and their make-up remover wipes (Y500). Also bought some chocolates and cookies at a chocolate store. Clothes in Japan are generally super expensive. A simple non-branded shirt from a no-name store costs around Y1500 and dresses at around Y2500. I must say though that there are some good finds if you look hard enough. My aunt was able to score a cute cardigan for only Y500. We were hoping to see some thrift stores in Japan but unfortunately, we weren’t able to “accidentally” find one. I do admire the fact that Japan was able to “keep to themselves.” Like, imported goods are at a minimum. I know that there are still products made in China but of better quality that usual. Most products – food and clothes – are made in Japan, thus ensuring good, high quality.


We had lunch at this restaurant and again had some noodles (Y850 each) and katsudon (about Y1,000) with shredded cabbage, soup and rice (photo above). Think Yabu. I was so hungry I was able to eat everything! Haha. The rest of the afternoon was still spent going around the shops where no doubt you’ll find some cool finds. You can also see the big beckoning cat at the end of the alley. We also tried one of their street foods which turned out to be pork intestine (isaw) in some sort of sauce that wasn’t to our liking.


In the early evening, my mom and aunt went back to the hotel to rest while me and my sister went on our own adventure. Since we weren’t able to go to Sakae the day before, the two of us decided to go there and also have some dinner, which was in Mcdonalds since she wanted to see if there was something different there. Subway train is the way to go, as always. At Sakae, we saw the NHK Tower and the Oasis 21, which had stores below and looked like a spaceship from above. Dinner at Mcdonalds was disappointing. They didn’t have anything new to offer. No wasabi flavored burger or nori fries or even a version of Mcdonalds’ noodles. Haha! So after a long conversation with the lady at the counter, we settled for their Y650 burger meal with fries and coke and these Y300 potato croquettes (cheese and one was with squid ink, we think). Their burger was so sad because the patty tasted like the ones in Minute Burger! Yikes! Haha. But the fries tasted the same so that was the silver lining.


Before going home, we walked around the streets but since it was already night, most shops were already closed. We did observe though that there were a lot of karaoke bars and restos around this place so the Sakae area might be their gimikan place.


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  1. hi! just curious how much did you pay for the vintage LV and coach bag that you mentioned bought from Komehyo? Can you please share the photo. Thanks!

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