Vacationista: Nagoya, Japan (Day 5: Kanayama Area/ Aeon Mall)


I really try my best to visit supermarkets whenever I go abroad because I love grocery shopping. I can spend hours in a grocery store, reading labels and looking for new products. Haha! So for today, we actually went back to Osu in the morning, had lunch there then went to Kanayama to find their huge (biggest I think) supermarket. From the station, we rode their shuttle bus for free and found ourselves at the Aeon mall. Went around for last minute shopping and ended up buying a few things. We also bought some Japanese coffee makers (small for Y899 and big for Y999) since we are coffee lovers. Also got to buy the Shiseido Tsubaki Hair Spa conditioner (Y350), the famous Heroine Mascara (Y1000), more Bifesta make-up removers, 500g Japanese mayo (Y300), a box of Japanese curry (Y200), Japanese chili powder (Y200), boxes of Pocky including a mint version (Y150) and some other matcha flavored cookies and chocolates.





Dinner was at their food court and since we were getting tired of katsudon and udon noodles, we had 8 pieces of takuyaki (Y600) and some good ol’ KFC (about Y350 for a small two-piece chicken meal). Haha! But really, going around their food places, you’ll see the same katsudon and udon noodles. I don’t think they have much diversity with their food in addition to sushi and ramen. There were a lot of pasta places and French cuisine but we didn’t want that. I also bought a small blueberry shake (Y350). Dessert followed which was from Baskin Robbins (Y450 for four scoops) which of course, included some matcha flavored ice cream. Right on schedule, we took the free shuttle bus going back to the train station.



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