Vacationista: Nagoya, Japan (Day 6: Going home)


Since this day is basically our travel-back-home day, we didn’t want to go far from our route, even though we had a 9pm flight. We took our time checking out from the hotel, left our luggage at the hotel concierge then had lunch at the sushi bar I wanted to try, conveniently located at the Nagoya station. The famous rotating sushi bar is a must-try in Japan! I love, love, love their sushi! So fresh and delicious! I think this was our meal that I enjoyed the most. The sushi is placed on a conveyor belt and you just get the sushi you like. Placed on different plates corresponding to different prices, you get to try different types of sushi and at the same time, you can monitor your budget.

A bottle with green powder was in front of us and at first we thought it was wasabi. Turns out it was green tea powder. Haha! You get hot water from this tube where you push your cup for the water then sprinkle some green tea powder on top. For the wasabi, you have to ask the lady for it. Also on the counter is some ginger to cleanse your palette and also some soy sauce. I really, really enjoyed the experience and the food was so good! For about 10 plates, it cost me and my sister Y2350. Not bad for fresh, authentic, tummy-filling sushi.

Me and my sister then had to go back to our hotel for all of our luggage (8 in total) and opted to take a cab going to Nagoya station for convenience’ sake. Cabs in Japan are known to be expensive. Flag down rate is Y500 and for a 5-minute drive to the station, it cost us Y750. It was a good deal for us since me and my sis couldn’t bring all our stuff in the train. From Nagoya station, we took the train going back to the airport. Since we were early and check in wasn’t open yet, me and my sister walked around the terminal. What I like about their terminal is that though it’s small compared to Hong Kong’s airport for instance, there were a lot of stores and restaurants to go around. Plus, a lot of seats for my mom and aunt to rest. It wasn’t crowded in the airport and prices were fair. Actually, prices for the grocery items like chocolates and cosmetics are practically the same compared to the ones outside the airport. Bought some ramen noodles from Muji (Y120 pack of 4) and some more chocolates just to get rid of my Japanese coins. Was also able to buy matcha cream flavored Oreos (Y130) which weren’t available at the Aeon supermarket.

After check in, we had dinner at this ramen restaurant where you had to pay and choose your meal from the machine. Put in your money, choose your meal then your change and a stub will come out. Give the stub to the waitress and she’ll deliver your meal in a short while. We also experienced this in the resto we ate at in Osu so this time, we sort of had a hang to it, even though it only had Japanese characters. We had ramen (around Y850) and one set meal for Y1100 (ramen with a small rice bowl and 4 pieces gyoza). I really liked the gyoza. Better than the ones I tasted in Shi Lin. Yey for authentic ramen and gyoza!


The airport was really, really spacious and only a few people were there so it was a good time to go home. We even saw this advertisement to visit Hawaii with their Japanese action hero. Actually, the news was filled with this supertyphoon on its way to Japan so our friends back home were worried we might get stranded. But I was confident in God that that wouldn’t happen (plus, I can’t take any more leaves at work!) My sister also asked a passing pilot regarding the weather and he said that it’ll take 40 hours for the supertyphoon to hit us. So we were good.

After passing by immigration, we looked around their duty free shops and found Royce Chocolates which was way cheaper. We still had tons of chocolate at home from mom’s trip to Japan before so I didn’t buy any anymore. But I’ve always wanted to buy the chocolate-covered potato chips which cost P580 in Manila, but was only Y660 in Japan so I bought the chocolate covered and bitter chocolate covered potato chips. Yey!!


Wifi was available all throughout the airport so you won’t get bored waiting for boarding (unlike in Manila airports). Before we knew it, it was time to head back home and back to reality.

All in all, Japan is really a country not quite anywhere else. Everybody is always on a hustle yet are still very polite, courteous and kind. Everywhere we went was super clean and super safe! Sure, most stuffs and food are expensive but seeing the sights and eating their food is an exceptional experience as well. You are assured that the stuff you buy and the food you eat are of high quality. We plan on going back to Japan and this time, to Tokyo. Can’t wait!


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