Visiting Oz, mate!



This has to be one of my humblest experiences so far. Immediately after I disobeyed God, my boss called and said, “You’re going to Australia.” I was so overhelmed that after I hung up, I had to stop what I was doing, closed my eyes and took a few minutes to thank God & say sorry.

I’m still amazed (though I know I shouldn’t be) by how much He blesses me, even if I don’t deserve it & constantly fail Him. But His blessings are not based on what I do or who I am but it’s just in my Father’s nature. I have a generous God who withholds no good thing from me (mayaman si Papa!) Of course, this doesn’t mean I can just ask for a Maserati or a gazillion dollars but He definitely gives me more than I ask for or need (have you ever heard me complain that I’m dying of hunger?!)

Whether I have much or little, I am blessed.

Thank you Lord for this new, learning experience (& that my visa application only took 4 days, multiple entry). It wouldn’t be possible if not for You.

Psalm 84:11



What are your thoughts?

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