Vacationista: Legazpi and Albay, Bicol: Day 3 (Monday)


3n Bakery for toasted siopao: There’s this sudden craze for toasted siopao in Manila which they say originated from Bicol. So of course, I had to try it for breakfast. The toasted siopao that I tried in Manila from a different bakery was good, crusty on the outside, soft and gooey in the inside with the asado filling. But this 3n siopao was a disappointment. It wasn’t really tasty and the bread was hard to chew. I guess that’s what you get for a P7 toasted siopao.

Sibid-Sibid: Another highly recommended resto, we arrived at Sibid at 12nn and literally, we were the only customers. And here I thought this was highly recommended? Haha! Staff were really nice and efficient and food was served quickly. We ordered their best sellers which was the Sizzling Mixed Seafood (P200) and the Cocido which is shrimp, tuna and coconut meat in a sour based soup (P200). Dessert was their Sibid ice cream (P40) and tinutungang coffee (P40). The sizzling seafood had veggies, crab, tuna, shrimp and squid in it and tasted more like buttered seafood while the cocido was a less sour version of tamarind soup. Both were ok for the price.


Legazpi Airport Terminal Fee: Back at the airport, I was shocked that their terminal fee was P100! I’m used to provincial terminal fees ranging only from P20-50 so I was quite taken aback by this one. Silver lining would be that their restroom had tissue paper in it and was well maintained. The airport is pretty small so don’t expect a lot. Also, if you get hungry, you won’t be able to buy anything inside the airport, not even pasalubong. You’d have to go outside so better to arrive with a full stomach.

Also, just wanted to share that both our arrival and departure flights were delayed due to congestion in NAIA 3, so the planes had to cue and wait for their turn. During our departure flight, all the passengers were already seated and complete but we had to wait for 45 minutes for Manila’s go signal. Then, we had to circulate mid-air at Manila since we still couldn’t land. Congestion is due to the fact that most if not all of the flights were transferred from NAIA 1 to NAIA 3 since the former is being renovated.

Anyway, our itinerary was pretty chill and relaxed so we had so much free time. We were never in a hurry and always took our sweet time in every activity. Given that we had 2 nights and technically, 2 days at Bicol, I would say that an overnight weekend would suffice for a trip around the province if you only do what we did, unless of course you’d like to visit a beach or another nearby town.


What are your thoughts?

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