Review: Ted’s Diner, Sta. Cruz



One of the best hole-in-the-wall treasures in Sta Cruz! My friend recommended we have lunch here before we go to our private island. Simply drive to Sta Cruz, once you see the arch/ welcome sign indicating Sta Cruz, in about 5 minutes, you’ll see the diner on your left side (coming from Manila). You may even opt to just take the HM Transport, Green Star or DLTB Sta. Cruz bus since it’s right along the national highway. Parking is available though my friend says that during dinner, the diner can get pretty packed so better come early and reserve. We went there for lunch and luckily, a table for 9 was available.


Coming in, I already knew I would love the place. The ambiance was really homey and a bit rustic, full of interesting trinkets and made up of wood. I half expected the diner to have the usual burger and fries but aside from that, they had pasta, pizza and even rice meals. Plus, they had tons of desserts to choose from – cakes, cookies, cakes in a jar, candies – you name it.


Had a hard time choosing what to eat but finally settled for smoked bangus pasta and apple basil shake. Their drinks come in mason jars which was cute. My friends’ orders were the chicken parmigiano, seafood pasta, angus burger and chili buffalo wings. I liked their chili wings because it was really hot! Unlike most wings which don’t quite cut it for me in terms of hotness. Their pastas are about P150 good for one while their drinks cost around P70. We also had a free pesto pasta because of a BPI credit card promo.


While I was looking at their desserts, my friend reprimanded me and said I shouldn’t buy dessert. We laughed about it but later on, they surprised me with a whole chocolate cake topped with Maltesers (about P800), which was the diner’s best seller. Plus, the waiters who brought it sang for me and the owner was kind enough to include two more slices of their Tiramisu cake and Mango cake (since technically two of us were celebrating). Such an awesome surprise! The cakes were really good, especially the chocolate cake which was moist and chocolatey and to die for! They really didn’t skimp on the ingredients! Super not bad for the price!


I cannot stress enough how awesome this diner is! I highly, highly recommend this place if ever you find yourself in Sta Cruz. In fact, I plan to travel there even if I have nothing to do in Sta Cruz. It is that awesome!

Opening hours: 10am – 10:30pm (weekdays); 8am – 11pm (weekends)

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