Ray-bans Wayfarer


It’s been about two years since I last bought my first Ray-bans, the classic aviator, which was really what I wanted for years. It’s so used and abused that a few months back, I decided to buy another one from the same brand so I’d have another pair to use. What better style than the wayfarers. I really like the classic, black medium wayfarers. But since my aviators were already black, I decided to go for the brown one. Plus, the SA introduced me to the folding wayfarers that I was quite fascinated by the idea that a pair of shades could be folded and fit in a super tiny case.



Which brings us to my new wayfarers. It’s made of plastic which I really wanted since the aviators were made of ‘steel,’ which in turn is much more sensitive. At least with plastic shades like wayfarers, it has a little more leeway to get wet (by rain or ocean water or tears. Haha!) and a little more flexibility to be used as a short-time ‘head band’ (for those days I feel lazy to put it in the case).



Aside from the discount since it was on sale, the SA also told me that the classic Ray-bans would be about P2000 more expensive (that was roughly last July) so I grabbed the opportunity and bought it. With the sale, I paid about P7990 instead of the regular price of something like P10,000. And as I mentioned before, SM Department offers 6-month installment at 0% interest. Ain’t that sweet?


My main concern for this style was that the frames would easily break because it was foldable but so far, it’s still as good as new. Which doesn’t come as a surprise since Ray-bans are known for being sturdy and durable.


What are your thoughts?

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