Battle of Greens: Fino Leatherware and Louis Vuitton


Kikay alert!

Was able to buy a green vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 in epi leather when we visited Japan (LV already discontinued said model). Was hoping to get the Speedy 30 in red but ended with this one. Still pretty and very classy – perf when you want to look a bit sophisticated than normal. Haha!


Anyway, a few weeks after our Japan trip, Fino Leatherware had their annual sale (end of July). Long before the sale and of all the bags that were there, I was already eyeing the tan/orange croc leather speedy-type bag. Unfortunately, during the sale, it was no longer available. There were other colors in the same style like bright blue, yellow and silver at 15% off but the leather was different. I really preferred crocs, like my first Fino bag and wallet, so I didn’t buy the others. Good thing the sales lady suddenly remembered there was a lone green crocs bag still in their storage – and it was on 30% sale! I only paid about P7,000.


So even though I now have two “speedy” bags both in shades of green, I still went ahead thinking that one would be for everyday use and the other would be for special occasions. Plus, it was on 30% sale, is all leather and Pinoy made!

I also bought my mom a red coin purse for her birthday, which was on 25%, so it cost only about P400. It came in a cute box so it looked really classy (of which I forgot to take a picture). Now she has terno blood red wallet and coin purse (both from me! )



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