Make-up brush cleaner: Parian & Ellana


Kikay alert!

I had this weird phase when I was obsessed on finding nice make-up brush cleaners that I would research on it or search for them in malls. I finally found two – Parian Spirit (about P800 available at Suesh) and Ellana (about P365 available at The Ramp) – and bought them at the same time, thinking that I would use the Ellana cleaner as a brush “perfume” because I love the melon scent it leaves. Turns out there’s no need because the Parian cleaner also leaves a citrus smell so it would suffice.


Click here if you’d like to know how I clean my make-up brushes. Just substitute the Mac cleaner with the Parian cleaner. I also vice versa the cleaner and dishwashing soap step (meaning I wash it first with soap then the cleaner) nowadays so the citrus smell would be left on the hair brushes. I also found this facial cleanser at Daiso (P88 I think) which is perfect as a make-up brush brush (get it?) for deeper cleaning.


For the Ellana one, it’s more of a spot cleanser (you spray it directly on the brush then wipe it off on a tissue) so I’ll use that later on.


What are your thoughts?

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