Vacationista: Oslob, Cebu



I had one of those spontaneous moments last July when I just bought flight tickets to Cebu. Since I have a cousin there, & since I’ve been to Cebu a number of times now, I decided we should go to Oslob. From Cebu, we went to the bus terminal at around 4am and took a bus ride for 3 hours to Oslob (P310 roundtrip, aircon & very comfy). Just tell the conductor to drop you off at the whale shark place & they know that already.

At the resort, we paid the whale shark fee (P500), resort entrance fee (P100), and rented an underwater camera (P550). After settling the bill, we were assigned a locker for our stuff then went to the boat. We went to the next door resort for the short orientation for the swim with the whale shark. i think the LGU is now being careful about this tourist activity for the protection of the animals. Basically, they tell you (1) don’t wear sunscreen when you swim with the sharks, (2) no flash photography, (3) no feeding, & (4) definitely no touching of the whales. After that, we were given life vests & snorkels then off to the whale sharks.


No words or photos can describe how fascinating the huge creatures were. At already 3-5 meters, the whale sharks we swam with were only babies! Imagine if they were older & already reached a mature age. Amazing.


According to the boatman, though the whale sharks look slimy, they actually feel like papel de liha. So very rough. You only get to swim with them for 30mins, enough time for photo with them, which by the way I found challenging because I kept floating up. So the boatman had to push me down. Haha! Also, they are only available from 7am – 12nn. The boatmen also try to regulate the number of people per shark, which is about 5 people per whale.


When the 3mins was up, we headed towards Tumalog Falls via the habal-habal (motor bikes you ride with the driver). Take note: it’s P120 per head. This wasn’t explained to us & so though me and my cuz only took 1 motorbike (so we were 3 on it with the driver), we had to pay P240. So just a word of caution. If we knew it was per head and not per bike, we would have demanded individual bikes, both for safety & comfort issues.


After 10mins, we arrived at the entrance of the falls. We paid P10 as entrance fee then took another habal-habal (P50). Finally, we arrived at the falls and it was pretty nice. The water was super cold so I didn’t take a dip. But you could and you could even go under the falls and climb some of the cave parts.



Going back at the entrance, we had a banana que & palamig snack, which was really cheap (P10). I would have expected it to be twice as much since it was a tourist spot.

After an hour, and after all that we’ve done, it was only 12nn. Lunch was at the next door restaurant which was really expensive (P120) for a measly pork bbq that was so thin, I was afraid the wind would blow it away. The mango shake was good though (P60) and I was glad they had a whale shark looking magnet (P35).


I highly recommend that you include this in your bucket list. It’s a real amazing experience.


What are your thoughts?

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