Grocery love affair



I absolutely love grocery shopping! Okay, “love” might be a very strong word for groceries so I’ll just say I really, really, really like grocery shopping. I really, really, really enjoy buying stuff and filling up our pantry. I even enjoy organizing our items in our cabinets. Every time I go to a foreign country, I MUST visit at least one grocery store (even a convenience store would do). I enjoy looking at their local items and reading the labels and keeping an eye out on new and interesting products in our grocery stores. Best times would be when I hit Buy1, Take 1 promos or finding an awesome discount! Tip on that is to check the expiration date, choose the latest date you can find if possible and make sure you consume the product beforehand (no to wastage!). If I would have another job, I guess it would be a cashier. Haha! I guess that’s one weird thing about me.


What are your thoughts?

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