FitFlop love (& hate)


I’ve been looking for some sort of footwear that I would take along on trips. Havs (havaianas slippers) just doesn’t fit the bill for me anymore. Alas, I have found my travel-shopping-long-walking-buddy in the form of the Fitflops. I’ve been using the sandals (is that what they’re called?) for more than three years now and I still love it. It’s very comfortable even for the price. I can stand and walk in it for hours which is why it’s the only footwear I usually bring to my trips. My sis, mom and I love our flops! If you’re worried about the price, do not fret since FitFlop stalls and official distributers like Res Toe Run always have sales on selected items (about P2800). Of course, I’m no addict that I’d get this style in more than one design. One reliable pair is good enough for me.

Too bad though we didn’t have the suede boots version here in Manila sooner because if we did, I would have definitely bought one and brought it to my Europe trip, which would have been perf for all the walking we did there!

Anyway, since I love the sandals so much, I decided to buy the ballerina shoes version, the FitFlop Due in patent cherry. No discount unfortunately (P5790); bought at FitFlops Megamall. I’ve been reading a lot of negative reviews on this but because I really need it for work (I do a lot of walking and I can’t seem too informal as to wear the sandals one) and I can’t just use SMs Solemates because of lack of foot support, so I decided to go on ahead and buy the Fitflop Due.


Tip: as much as possible, buy your shoes in the stores themselves and not online. It’s better to try them on since sizing might be a problem, which is where some of the negative reviews came from. Also, buy in the afternoon since our feet have already expanded by that time, making shoe fitting better.

I tried the Due and the reviews were right, the sizing is all wrong. The size 7 was too small for me while the size 8 was too big. They don’t have half sizes yet! The girl at the store said it would be better to buy the bigger one since I could just put insole corks in it. If I decide to buy the smaller size, she said it would still expand. I really needed one so I took my chances with the bigger one, which is a size 8 (US 7). It was all good as I tried it on at home, complete with the insoles, but my gosh, when I took it out for a spin and really walked, it was big and kept falling off! In the end, I had to buy and wear relatively thick socks to make it work (then took out the insoles).

Honestly, even after days of using it, it has not become any comfortable. My feet hurt, particularly my heels. Sadly, that’s P5,000 gone to waste. It’s not working for me. So now I have to sell the shoes? Hassle beans.

Any suggestion on comfortable walking shoes?


What are your thoughts?

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