Seoul Kitchen


If you happen to find yourself in UPLB/ Los banos, and are craving some good Korean food, this is the place to be. Located at Raymundo/ Umali, it’s a small, quaint resto but with good food!



We ordered the spicy pork bulgogi (P150), some sushi (approx P100), glazed two piece fried chicken (P150, no photo) and for dessert, my fave among the bunch, thick bread with cinnamon, maple syrup and whipped cream (P120). If you would order just one thing, order the bread. Haha!



Prices are affordable but not super UP Student budget friendly (which is usually P100 or less for a meal) but you are getting good food so no complaints there. The place is small but really pretty, with lots of knick knacks and lots of things to see. They also have an al fresco section for those days when it’s cool to eat out or when you need some fresh air! 🙂 Needless to say, Seoul Kitchen is my go to place for some good ol Korean food 🙂


What are your thoughts?

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