Vacationista: Bacolod City (Capitol Park and Lagoon, San Sebastian Cathedral, Manokan Country & Calea)



I stayed at L’Fisher Hotel (P3500 per night) right along Lacson St. If you have the budget, I highly recommend this hotel.


The rooms are big & spacey, service is good, provides basic necessities, staff are nice, has TV & ref, strong & fast wifi and the best part is, there’s a Calea right across it! Haha! Right in front is another coffee shop called C’s and beside it is another dessert place that locals say is good too called Felicia’s. There’s a 711 near and even the casino is behind it. If you can’t book a room there, they have two other hotels nearby. It’s also walking distance from the Capitol and Lagoon even to SM Bacolod and the Cathedral if you’re a walker like me (otherwise, ride a jeep since it’s a bit far for most).

As I said, I just walked my way along Lacson St. First stop was the Capitol and the Lagoon. I really liked their Lagoon because it was clean and well kept. It’s a great place to go to early morning (for quiet time, meditation or jogging) and in the early afternoon (just to chill).


Right behind it is the Capitol, which I also like because it’s so big and grand with its white columns. Really pretty.


Walking forward, I just saw a sign going to SM Bacolod & based on my research, the San Sebastian Cathedral (along Rizal St) was near there. True enough, I found the San Sebastian Cathedral which I was able to take photos both at day and night as well as the inside of the church. Too bad the welcome banners (for the recent visit of the pope) was still there so it kinda dampened the ambiance of the church. Still nice though. The Cathedral is open until 8pm.


Right beside it was an old house which looked like something owned by Emilio Aguinaldo, if you catch my drift. Across it is a plaza that’s a bit creepy to be in. Haha. Unlike the lagoon, this one had homeless people staying at the benches. For the sake of safety, I don’t recommend staying there at night because of the shady characters lurking.


Walking forward to SM, I saw the Manokan Country on my right. You’ll have to walk through a street, going to the terminal of SM. This is where we had dinner, specifically at Aida’s (photos during daytime are in my next post because I ate there again. Haha).


Oh my gosh! I cannot emphasize how delicious their chicken inasal (about P75++ each) and garlic rice was! We ordered 1 pechopak (breast & wing), 1 paa (leg), 3 pakpak (wings), 1 order fresh oyster (P50), 2 garlic rice (P30 each) and 1 bottle of softdrink. Total was only P350!!! Soo good and sooo busog!!! Service is awesome too! Staff are so kind! Also, remember to eat with your hands for the complete experience! They have wash bins so don’t worry about the grease. I also suggest you mix the chicken oil in your soy sauce, vinegar and calamansi concoction. Yummy! Love, love, love their inasal! Eat there I command you! You won’t regret it!


Of course, it’s a no-brainer that dessert would be at Calea’s! It’s located right along Lacson St (went by taxi). When we got there at around 8:30pm, the place was packed! Good thing we were able to share a table with a small family. They have such a quaint and clean interior with a glass cabinet full of cakes! Talk about salivating over sweets! We ordered two cheesecakes – one coffee flavored and one was belgian chocolate. Can’t really remember the names. Haha. Our total was P175 so their cake slices range from P80-100. I really enjoyed the belgian cheesecake because it wasn’t too sweet, unlike the coffee flavored one. But for a sweet tooth like me, I wasn’t even able to finish my belgian cheesecake! Haha! Still good though. Here’s how it looks like in daylight. I plan to go back there to try their other flavors and eventually bring a whole cake back home to Manila.



PS. I noticed that people would stare at me & I thought that it was because they knew or sensed that I was a tourist. But then I was informed that the people of Bacolod actually really like to blatantly stare, but don’t mean any harm. Just a bit of info =)

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