Vacationista: Bacolod City (Church of the Angry Christ at Victorias, Negros Museum and The Ruins)


Started my day at around 8am and my first stop was the Church of the Angry Christ at Victorias. After breakfast, I rode a jeep (P7) going to the Ceres bus terminal (any north bound jeep will pass by the terminal). You won’t miss it since it has a huge yellow sign. It’s after Robinsons Bacolod and near the overpass.


All Ceres bus passes by Victorias. They even have a non-airconditioned bus going directly to Victorias (which quickly got full) but since I wanted an aircon bus for the trip & I wasn’t in any hurry, I rode the Cadiz bus (P55). The bus waited for 30mins for passengers. Travel time about 45 mins.

I got down at Victorias City Hall. You won’t miss it because it’s this huge green and white building. Once there, I asked one of the manongs if all tricycles could go to the Victorias Milling Company, wherein the Church of the Angry Christ was located. Turns out the trikes needed a permit. This was not in my research. Good thing manong was kind enough to ask around for any trike that had a permit. He found one & instructed the driver where I wanted to go. It was P50 roundtrip since the driver was going to wait for me too. The Church is a bit far so P50 is a steal (I just added a tip since manong was nice).

At the Church, I immediately noticed the localized metal sun dial. It was designed as a carabao’s head with the horns as the clock. It was beautiful!


Going inside the church, the altar was the main attraction – the mural of the Angry Christ. As I mentioned here, I love the elements of the mural – from the colors to the design. It’s really pretty and tourists should really visit it if given the chance.


From the church, I asked manong to drive me to the Ceres terminal, which we passed by going to the Church. Unfortunately, at the terminal, only non-airconditioned busses were available. But I’m pretty sure there are aircon busses along the highway which you’ll have to hail but since I was already at the terminal, I took that one going back to Bacolod City (Ceres Terminal), the last stop (P35).

I had so much time on my hands that I decided to see what Robinsons Bacolod had to offer. At the terminal, there are already Bata-Libertad jeeps. These would pass by Robinsons. Calea has a branch there. For the girls, there’s actually a Mango Outlet there.

From Rob, I rode the Bata-Libertad again, planning on eating my late lunch at Manokan Country but since it passed by the Negros Museum, I went down there first. I’d like to share that one of the museum staff was deaf, which I think is really awesome. For P100, the museum was quite uninteresting so I reasoned that the museum fee would be my contribution to them just so they could maintain the museum.



But then, one of the staff brought me to the hidden Toy Collection side. It is owned by a private haciendero and photos are not allowed. Basically, the owner travelled around the world – Peru, Egypt, Africa, Asia, Europe etc – then collected different toys and items. The toys are organized by theme – Christmas, voodoo, nesting dolls, puppets etc. I think that was the highlight of my museum trip. It was interesting since you’d have a guide. So many pretty toys! My fave was their smallest toy, a Russian doll, about as small as a grain of rice. Beside it is the museum’s cafe lined with small art work.

Across the museum, I rode the Bata-Libertad jeep again to eat at Manokan Country again. Haha! Ordered their paa again (P75) and pork bbq (P30). No garlic rice was available though 😦


Along the road are some vendors of souvenirs so I bought a ceramic magnet for our collection (P35).


Went to Calea’s again for dessert. Haha! This time I ordered their moist chocolate cake, a best seller (P90). It was good, especially the top part and big enough for sharing.



Since it was too hot to do anything, went back to the hotel to rest a bit. Next on my agenda was The Ruins. I asked the hotel guard how to get there and he suggested I ride a trike (their terminal is near the Pepsi factory) going to The Ruins. At around 5pm, rode a north-bound jeep (by this time, you’d get a hang of directions already) and went down the Pepsi Factory (near the overpass but before the Ceres terminal). Blue tricycles will take you there though a bit pricey. He charged me P50 if one way, P150 two way plus waiting time. Again, I just considered this as my help to the driver. In addition, you may also try getting a trike at Bangga Rose Lawn Farm since according to a blog, it’ll only cost P15. Plus, trikes are also waiting at The Ruins so no need for rountrip trikes.


Entrance fee is P95, with tour guides every 30mins. The Ruins are open from 830am-8pm. I wasn’t in the mood for a guided tour so I just went around. A fountain can be found in front, a souvenir shop inside and there’s a cafe beside the house blasting some old school music. Haha! Must admit I was expecting a more humongous ruins but nonetheless, it was gorgeous – whether during sunrise or sunset.


As usual, rode a Bata-Libertad jeep back to Lacson St. I was still full from my lunch at Aida’s so dinner consisted of bread from C’s. I recommend their caramel ensaymada (P70) – very moist, soft and tons of flavor.


Tomorrow (technically the day after this post happened) is my return to Manila and I’m glad that I was able to go to all the places I wanted to go to and eat all the food I planned. Bacolod is pretty small and 3 days is pretty long but I wanted it to be a chill kind of vacay so this turned out perf.

Trivia: to get down the jeep, say “lugar lang” instead of “para.”


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