Vacationista: Silay, Negros Occidental (Balay Negrense, El Ideal)


Wasn’t really planning on doing anything anymore for my last day but at the last minute decided to go to Silay and visit the old house, Balay Negrense. I didn’t want to lug my bag so even though it’s on the way to the airport (so some people go there on the way home), I just decided to go back to and fro. Below is a snap shot of the google map to help you out.


Started the day at 11am. Rode a Bata-libertad jeep going to the Silay-Bacolod terminal. Rode a Silay bound jeep (P13). Waiting and travel time is around 20mins each. You won’t miss your stop since it’s right across the big white church, the plaza and near El Ideal. The airport shuttle terminal is also there. Across the plaza are old houses they kept while below them are stores like 711. Love how they combined the old and new.


I dropped by El Ideal and bought me some Guapple Pie (P45) said to be a best seller. It was like a nice homemade apple pie but with a tartness from the guava.


From the plaza and airport shuttle terminal, walk straight past the school, one street and along a seemingly quiet rode. You’ll then see this grand old house on your left. Beside it is a beautiful huge tree, something like UPLB’s fertility tree.


At Balay Negrense, entrance fee is P60. No one was actually at the ticket booth so I went around the house first and then paid the fee. The house is huge and very pretty. Lots of trinkets like creepy dolls, old clothes indicating how small and petite they were, books, typewriters and a lot more.


Going back to Bacolod, jeeps await and pass along the highway so it’s not going to be a problem. Late lunch was – you guessed it – Manokan country again. Haha! I mean, since I’m in Bacolod, better to stuff my face with inasal, right? Found out that they only serve garlic rice in the evening. Aside from the paa, also ordered the chicken heart.


Also ordered 7 slices of different cakes of my choice (P625) from Calea’s to take home with me. They put it in a pretty box and separated the cake sauce so it wouldn’t ruin the cake. (Side kwento: after hours of taking care of my precious cake – from Bacolod to Silay to the airport -guess where I dropped it? At the Manila airport, specifically at the shuttle bus, hence the mushed up slices. Pfft)


Going to the airport, I took the trike-van route. Basically, I just went back to the Silay proper (where the church and El Ideal are located). There’s a huge sign stating Silay Airport Terminal so you won’t miss it. Thing is the van will wait for 6 passengers before leaving so waiting time will depend on passenger flow. For me, I waited 30mins. Fare is P50 and travel time to the airport is only 15 mins.

Good thing I went early to the airport because our plane arrived early too! 🙂 Merzci and Bong bongs are available inside the airport for your pasalubongs but of course for a lil bit higher price as compared outside.

Negros occidental (Bacolod City plus Victorias and Silay) are pretty small places to go to and are easily accessible if commuting. If I only wanted to stay in Bacolod, I probably could do all the stuff I wanted in less than 24 hours. haha. Food, transpo fare and everything else are pretty cheap so it won’t hurt your budget. I recommend visiting Negros occidental – so quaint and quiet and simple. Locals are naturally nice and friendly (though generally they would speak in Ilonggo even if you ask a question in Tagalog). The places are filled with history and art. A definite must visit. So glad I can check this off my list! To be honest, once I got back to Maila, I immediately missed Bacolod and Silay. Perhaps it’s because it was so easy to get around and do stuff and the people were nice that I immediately felt at home.


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  1. I love Silay! And when you’re in Negros Occidental, you can just go to and fro easily even if it’s all the way to Bago. The roads are wide and the traffic so light.

    Wished you also dropped by Iloilo.

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