Travel tip: no hassle of lining up at check-in


If you want to save time at lining up at the check in counters at the airport, I suggest you check in online. Simply go to the Manage Booking tab in Cebu Pacific’s website 72 to up to 4 hours before your flight, choose the flight you want to check in and viola! You’ll have your boarding pass already with a pre-assigned seat! Print it out and go directly to the boarding gate 30mins before departure (if you don’t have check in luggage). If you have check in luggage, be at the counters about 45 mins before departure to drop off your bags. Just check your boarding gate at the airport.

For Philippine Airlines web check in, you have the option to choose your preferred seat with no additional cost. Both airlines send ample reminders so you won’t forget.

An alternative would be the self-service counters found at the airport. This would have the same concept as web check-in.

Hope more Pinoys would avail of these services to facilitate checking in at the airport. Here’s to being more dependent travelers!


What are your thoughts?

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