Supporting Hapee


I’ve known for a few years now that the owner of the local toothpaste Hapee is of Christian faith but it was only about two years ago that I decided to really use and support their toothpaste (since my family always seems to have Colgate tubes saved in the cabinet). As much as I can, I only buy Hapee toothpaste (come on, toothpaste ingredients are practically the same so why buy the more expensive, “foreign” brand. Let’s buy local & save!) I even found an article on the owner who said that he employs people with disabilities which is something I look up to!

What reminded me again to continue supporting them is their corporate “motto” I saw outside their factory. In big, bold letters, it was plastered:

Lamoiyan Corporation
Making a difference for the glory of God

That is a stand right there. I don’t know them personally but to be so bold to announce to the public, to the world, that they are doing what they are doing for God and His Glory – something that is not popular in this world – is amazing. They really amaze me.

We need more employers and companies like the Lamoiyan company. So yes, I will continue to buy their products and support them and their cause – one toothpaste tube at a time.



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  1. You can also try Human Nature products because they are made locally and is the best example for a social enterprise.

    P.S. I am not an agent or dealer. 🙂

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