Food for thought and spirit: Something inspirational


I’ve noticed that most of my blog entries are really simple ones – review of restos, beauty products, travel tips etc. I guess it’s because it’s the easiest for me to write about.

But my main goal now – alongside documenting part of my life – is to share some of the things I learn from church, from my devotionals, and from friends and mentors. In other words, topics that might inspire you (and me when I read them again) and issues that would somehow be positive. Part of me is kind of nervous since these topics aren’t as “easy” as my usual topics. But I always take down short notes & bullet points during church services so I’ll start with them and share them here. Better late than never. =)

8 march: VCF Message
Discipleship is simple: the lost
Luke 19:1-9

Jesus accepts us inspite of who we are. Jesus declares salvation.

It’s only when we truly realize how lost we are without Christ, that we begin to really see the lost people need Christ.


What are your thoughts?

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