Plana’s Pantry


I’ve been seeing this super cute and quaint little resto at Shaw Boulevard (right across California Square Garden) for over a year and have always planned on eating there but never got the chance. Finally, me and my friend were able to try it out one Sunday late lunch time. Even though we arrived at around 2pm already, the place was packed so we had to wait for a few minutes for a table. I don’t have photos of the place since me and my friend started making chika already but for a general idea, check their official website here.


On to the food. I was starving so I ordered the first meal on their menu and one of their best sellers – the Hickory Baby Back Ribs which includes their signature pesto rice and side of corn and carrots (P263). I also ordered a glass of dalandan juice (P75+) and my friend ordered their Pork Sisig, also with their signature pesto rice and side of laing (P230++).


The ribs were so good and so huge! If you’re a light eater, you can share it with a friend. Very moist, flavorful and super soft! Falls off the bone and melts in your mouth! So good (have I said that already?)! Would definitely go back just for that. Found the rice a bit dry though I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt since we didn’t immediately consume our meal. The dalandan juice was good though I suspect it’s from this bottled brand of dalandan concentrate that we buy at home based on taste and quick time of preparation. Still a nice refresher though.

Wasn’t able to try the sisig but though it was a huge serving, from the looks of it I probably won’t try it. As with all sisigs, too fatty. All in all, yes I will go back to Plana’s Pantry for the ambiance, great service and scrumptious food.


What are your thoughts?

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