Visa-free entry to Taipei with an Australian business visa


You’ll find in this website all the information on applying for a Taipei visa. One of their provisions as a Philippine passport holder is that if you have a valid visa from the US, Canada, Australia, Japan etc, you may apply to have a visa-free entry “certificate.”

I was having second thoughts about this since my Australian business visa is just a document they sent me, not the typical visa sticker, which might pose a problem or confusion with the Taiwanese officers in Taiwan. Who would want to be detained, or worse, deported, right? Though I’ve already been to Australia and didn’t have any problems, Taipei is an entirely different situation. Plus, I had an experience when I went to China for official business when a random airport officer stopped me from going out (this was sometime during the height of the “island” rift) so this adds to my doubts whether I still should apply for the visa free entry.

Anyway, since I was already in the Makati area & already had all the requirements, I decided to still go to TECO. The visa officer saw my Australian visa and told me to apply for the visa free entry. I explained that I was having second thoughts about it since the Taiwanese might be confused with my Australian visa “paper.”

Good thing I was able to talk them directly since even the officer wasn’t 100% sure. So she asked her colleagues & even had to make a phone call to clarify whether my Australian business visa would qualify me for the Taipei visa free entry.

After a few minutes, she confirmed that I could apply for visa free entry & gave me this website. I’m actually familiar with this site because I helped one of my friends apply online since she had a US visa. It turned out ok for her & was valid until 2023! I did the same & just filled in the correct information & then received a document for me to print. The first time I tried it, they gave me a certificate that was only good for use on the next two weeks. So I had to do it again, a few days before my actual travel. This time they gave me about a month’s lead time. I guess the validity of the certificate depends on the kind of visa – US, Japan, New Zealand etc – you have (?).


Aside from the advantage of not shelling out money, you’ll be given a multiple entry. Plus, you can keep on requesting for a new one – as long as you have the indicated valid visa.

And now I’m back from Taipei! So if you’re wondering if your valid Australian business visa (which is just a piece of paper) can give you your Taipei visa free entry, the answer is yes.


What are your thoughts?

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