Doing ministry


I’ve been absent from my chosen ministry in church for quite some time (ok, for such a long time!) but this time around, I am determined to serve God through the church. I prepared myself before service and told myself that there’s no backing out anymore. Since I had time to spare, I went around the mall and window shopped. I knew the enemy would try to discourage me from ministry because my thoughts went from “mag shopping ka na lang!*” or “wag ka na pumunta dun, wala ka naman kakilala eh. Mag-isa ka lang.**” It would’ve been easier for me to just attend service and not serve.

But I brushed those thoughts away and placed one foot in front of the other to the direction of my church. Once there, I introduced myself to the leader and he welcomed me to start my ministry right away! Plus, God immediately answered my prayer and provided me with a new friend who was also new to the ministry – I was no longer alone!

But the enemy wasn’t done with me yet. Once there, and though I had a new friend, some of the volunteers weren’t exactly encouraging. Like, they would just stare at me or not smile and not look like they wanted me there. Or crack jokes that I couldn’t quite get. Haha! I’m not angry at them or anything. I know we’re all human and perhaps they were going through something or maybe they were just shy or even intimated by me. I acknowledge the fact that I don’t know them yet. I know that sometimes I too emanate a “back-off-don’t-talk-to-me” look even if unintentional. Again, the enemy whispered that I didn’t belong there. But I stood my ground and told myself, “I am doing this for the Lord because I want to – because I love Him and I want to be used for His glory and honor Him through my ministry. No human being can make me not serve Him.”

And isn’t that why we serve in church and choose to be part of a ministry? Not because God needs us or because we’ll have new friends or because the church says so. It’s because we experience God’s love and it overflows so much so that we want to extend that love through ministry and be used by Him for His glory and ultimately, for the advancement of His kingdom.

That night, I was able to finish my first service as a ministry volunteer. I’m not quite 100% comfortable in it but it’s a start – something that I do for the glory of God.

*Just go shopping
**Don’t go there anymore. You don’t know anybody there. You’ll be alone.


What are your thoughts?

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