How to get to and fro Taoyuan International Airport and Taipei (Night Version)


Going to Taipei via Kua-Kuang Bus

So I read a lot of blogs and articles and even the airport’s website that there would be available buses going to Taipei at any hour, given there will be schedules like at 1:30am then at 2:00am and so forth. We got out of immigration at around 1:15am. When we got to the basement of the airport (just follow the signs that say Bus Station, it would be on your right after immigration), the Kua-Kuang bus counter – the most popular bus going to Taipei Main Station – was closed! There was a Chinese character sign on the table and we assumed it said “on a break, be right back” or something like that since we were in denial that the bus counter was closed. We decided to wait until their clock turned 1:30am but we noticed that a lot of the passengers went to another exit. While waiting, a lot of nagging taxi drivers would come up to us and offer their cab for a flat rate of NT1000 to Taipei. I guess if you’re 4 people and tired of waiting, you can try that. We were 3 and really wanted to take the bus so we declined their kulit offers. At 1:35am, it was obvious that the counter was really closed. We went farther down the hallway and saw a line of people buying bus tickets at a vending machine!

So take note: if you’re arriving at midnight or early morning before 5:30am, go directly to the bus ticket vending machine. Each full fare (we’re assuming this is the adult rate and the half fare is the children’s rate) is NT120. Get your ticket and fall in line right outside. We missed the 1:30am bus so we waited for the 2:00am. They were right on time so it was all good!

Travel time is around 45 minutes with no traffic since you’ll be passing through the freeway. We went down on Taipei Main Station where there was a line of taxi cabs so no need to worry that you won’t have any transportation from there at an ungodly hour. Remember to show the Chinese characters of your accommodation for easier instructions to the cab driver, who may or may not understand English. Cab was NT205 going to Shilin District. We gave NT210 not minding if we get the change but our very nice cab driver immediately gave us NT5. I read that the Taiwanese don’t expect tipping. So nice!

Going to Taoyuan International Airport via taxi cab

Basically, we were so tired from the whole trip and had so much luggage that we decided to just take the cab to the airport. It was perfect because we left our luggage at the luggage locker at the Taipei Main Station (it’s in the other building where the buses are located) and right beside it was the taxi terminal. So convenient! Rate was NT1200. Not bad for a hassle free trip. You may also opt to take the Kua-Kong bus going to the airport.



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