How to use the coin luggage lockers at Taipei Main Station



1. Check the screen for an available locker. The locker number will be green if it’s available. If all of the numbers are red, all are in use.
2. Place luggage inside the locker. Each locker fits approximately the medium sized standard luggage.
3. Press the number of locker and insert NT50 coins for 3 hours.
4. Close the locker
5. Get and keep the paper that will come out. It provides the pin number that you’ll need to get your luggage. Tip: take a photo of the paper just in case you lose it


Afterwards, to get your luggage:
1. Key in your luggage number then pin number
2. If you exceeded 3 hours, wait for the screen to show how much more coins you need to insert. We left our luggage for about 5.5 hours so we needed to add another NT50.
3. Once money is inserted, wait for the locker to open and viola! You now have your luggage.

There’s also instructions on the locker itself or you may ask help from random Taiwanese, like we did =)


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