Blessed: Biyaheng Semana Santa


VCF Service
Series: Biyaheng Semana Santa


Rom 6:1-5, 11-14

Baptized in Christ Jesus
Dead to sin and alive to God

In Christ, we can live a holy life not just a holy week


Heb 10:1-10

The need for sacrifice is an offshoot of our longing for justice.

Bagong pag-asa

1 Peter 3:18

1. Jesus died once & for all.
2. Jesus was resurrected.

“Apart from the resurrection, the cross looks like the greatest failure in history. But because of the resurrection, the cross becomes the greatest victory in history.”

1 Peter 1:3 – living hope

1. Jesus’ resurrection guarantees our salvation (1 cor 15:17)
2. Jesus’ resurrection guarantees God’s promises (Luke 24:6-7)
3. Jesus’ resurrection guarantees our victory over sin (1 cor 15:57)

Stop living on a Friday, Sunday is here! (Rom 8:11)


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