DIY: DYMO Label Maker


We used to have this old label maker which was gigantic and made of metal. I tried to look for it but it was probably thrown away already. My mom even filled my ‘baby album’ with labels using the old label maker and I loved looking at the album! It was like a scrapbook even before it became a thing and it gave my album a more personal touch by a doting mother.


For the longest time, I wanted one too but forgot all about it until I was surfing and saw that the same company as my mom’s old label maker, DYMO, came out with a new, plastic version of it. It was very timely since my sister went to the US a few weeks back and so she bought one plus three additional (and colorful) labels! It’s very light and user-friendly. You just turn the knob to your desired letter, number or character, press the handle, then afterwards, cut it by turning the knob to the scissors icon. The label is a sticker so you can stick it on almost everything!


I wasn’t able yet to fully ‘play’ with it but some of the stuff I already wanted to label were my meds’ tin cans and VCO pump. Haha! As an organizing enthusiast, I am going to enjoy making labels so much!




What are your thoughts?

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