Blessed: Consciously deciding to follow Him


It’s so easy to disobey God and do what the flesh, what human nature wants to do. It’s so much easier to cheat than do the right thing, be haughty instead of respectable, or to give in to compromise than to stand our ground. Especially for me, I acknowledge the fact that I am not the nicest, easiest to get along with person in the world. I’ve had my share of ugly decisions, mistakes I regret and a dark past (don’t worry I didn’t kill anyone). But thank God for making me as white as snow through the blood of Christ!

And so, everyday is a battlefield of doing what I want to do and what I know God wants me to do, which is to live a holy and righteous life. I’m not perfect, don’t get me wrong. I still struggle and make mistakes. I still need to change the way I think, act and speak and only by the grace of God am I changed from glory to glory, day by day, to become more and more like Jesus.

Everyday, I consciously make a decision to let go of ‘me’ and follow Him. I must die to myself and take up my cross to become more like Him. In time, it became easier but not without challenges. I still fall sometimes but God is a God of second chances – we confess our sins, ask for forgiveness and repent.

I’ve surrendered my life to Him a long time ago. I look forward to continuing my life according to His plan and will.


What are your thoughts?

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